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Aftr they sat they wer told dat the plane ws made by their students. Datz confidence.The world is running and i am still.maybe all are feeling the same,so be i have to admit,i am where is the correction? I felt it would be inconsiderate of me to nag about something you give at great cost to yourself and that's why i didnt speak up. [email protected] Hey sweet, I was wondering when you had a moment if you might come to me ?

or let me call this is keep running with the world,may be u r also Thank you so much. I however am in a recession and wont be able to pay the charge this month hence my askin well ahead of month's end. Thanksham Meanwhile in the shit suite: xavier decided to give us <#> seconds of warning that samantha was coming over and is playing jay's guitar to impress her or some shit. Moral: One can 4get d name of a person, bt not his girlfrnd... I want to send a file to someone but it won't go over yahoo for them because their connection sucks, remember when you set up that page for me to go to and download the format disc ? Or do you know some other way to download big files ?

Yet, every week it's can i bend the rule this way?

Yes, I wanted you to be embarassed, so maybe you'd feel for once how I feel when i have a friend who wants to drop buy and i have to say no, as happened this morning. I don't know what else to Do whatever you want. We had a talk earlier this week about what had to start happening, you showing responsibility. I'm tired of having thia same argument with you every week. You're still getting in after 1Pass dis to all ur contacts n see wat u get!

When we skyped wit kz and sura, we didnt get the pleasure of your company. Also I don't think doug realizes I don't live here anymoreham see, i knew giving you a break a few times woul lead to you always wanting to miss curfew. Because they can download stuff directly from the internet. *teasing kiss*ham Do u konw waht is rael FRIENDSHIP Im gving yuo an exmpel: Jsut ese tihs msg..

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