Actors dating normal people jacksonville dating scene

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Look at how many people were disappointed when Ryan Gosling had a baby with Eva Mendes, despite the fact that there was no chance they would have ended up with him even if he wasn't having a Baby Gos.

(A girl can still dream.) However, the idea that an ordinary fan can get together with their idol isn't pure fantasy.

Here are 29 couples that defy the Hollywood norm and bring hope to the non-Hollywood-elite everywhere.

It is a fact that most of people want their partners from the same field where they are working.

There are a lot of celebrities who actually got settled with partners from the same profession.

However, it is not often the case that a celebrity go for a famous partner all the time.

They gave birth to their first child during the making of “The Empire Strikes Back.” Image Source: Emily Osment is famous Hollywood actress who is known all across the world.

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