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The bomb is accidently thrown through the portal to the uninhabited island, with the explosion pining Nix's leg under debris in Tomorrowland.

When Nix retrieves a plasma gun and aims at Frank, Athena jumps in front of him and is damaged beyond repair, which activates her self-destruct sequence.

Nix opens a return portal to an uninhabited tropical island, where Frank and Casey can live out the last few days of the world.

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In her last moments of consciousness, Athena instructs Frank to use her imminent explosion to destroy the machine, then reveals that she had grown beyond her programming and fallen in love with him. Back in the present, Frank and Casey are revealed to be in Tomorrowland, with Casey's father and brother.

Their audience is a group of AAs like Athena, who are given new "T" pins and instructed to bring other dreamers to Tomorrowland in order to save the world.

An adult Frank Walker talks to an unseen group about the future, beginning with his visit to the 1964 New York World's Fair as a child.

In a flashback, he meets David Nix, an official who is unimpressed with Frank's prototype personal jet pack.

Casey learns that a worldwide catastrophe will soon happen in her time.

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