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We are held up to odium as traitors by those men who made this rebellion, and our lives have been in danger a hundred times during the last thirty years..now you are washing out our whole life work in a sea of blood.’ Dillon’s words proved prophetic.

It was this internal opposition and the revelation in the House of Commons on 19 July that exclusion could indeed be permanent that ultimately sunk the proposals.

The failure of the negotiations of May-July 1916 was devastating for the Irish Parliamentary Party.

Thesimilarly focussed on the failings of an Irish Party leadership who had been ‘hoodwinked’ and ‘tricked’ in their negotiations with Lloyd George.

This was not simply a knee-jerk response on the part of the country’s largest selling daily newspaper.

The mere mention of the Party’s leadership was enough to elicit ‘vigorous booing’ from the crowd and, in their absence, Redmond and his colleagues found themselves accused of falling short of the ‘ideals bequeathed to them by Parnell’. Their methods were as discreditable as the ends in which they were aimed.' II The message to be drawn from such gatherings was an obvious one.

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