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The Git Hub milestone is basically used for collecting the issues and PRs resolved in the release. If the change can also be applied to the stable version, a core team member will apply the same change to the stable version so that the change is also included in the next revision update.If the change is only applicable to the stable version and not to the branch, please send it to the versioned branch.Note that there are only three stable releases for the versions , we may release a hot-fix for this version at any time. partnervermittlung - Autopep8 online dating

It is also appreciated to make such a backport PR by any contributors, though, so that the overall development proceeds more smoothly!

On registering an issue, write precise explanations on how you want Chainer to be.

The development of Chainer is running on the official repository at Git Hub.

Anyone that wants to register an issue or to send a pull request should read through this document. While the major, minor, and revision numbers follow the rule of semantic versioning, the pre-release suffix follows PEP 440 so that the version string is much friendly with Python eco-system.

Your PR needs to pass at least the test for Linux on Travis CI.

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