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I can't believe that a an instructor treats kids this way, people pay her to help kids not upset them. I do not know why some people work with children when they have no patience for it!!!My daughter loved going to swimming lessons until her teacher left who had been working on building daughter's confidence with putting her head under the water for about 3 months(she had started to do it in her own time and was really proud of herself but still scared) and the new teacher on her first lesson who was really strict and shouting at the kid's actually pushed my daughters head under the water because she refused to do it!!!!!!!!!!!BL story Romance/pyscological/thriller In a city broken down by natural disasters.

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I had assurances then it would not happen again but the damage was done and my daughter cried the next time I tried to take her.

I did not make her go and that was over a year ago and she is adamant she does not want to go to swimming lesson's ever again!

Quite honestly, I would withdraw permission for my child to swim until they were ready to get back in the water or a new teacher was found.

If the response from the pool is not satisfactory, I would then take it to the Local Education authority and Local Authority under whos juristiction the pool comes under.

I was livid and could not believe my eyes and had to ask one of the other mum's watching if I had really seen that happen.

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