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Frustrated with the inability of favorite-son John Bunting in six years to boost the program into the ACC's upper echelon, Carolina's administration fired Bunting in October 2006 and was soon pursuing Davis, who had taken Miami to great heights in the late-1990s.

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Two unfortunate things happened for Carolina, though—Hakeem Nicks was flagged for holding and Zack Pianalto, who threw a key block for Draughn, sprained his ankle in the celebration before the Heels realized the play was coming back.

The Heels nipped and tucked their way down to the Irish four and faced a third-and-two call as the third quarter came to an end.

Abraham CLark High School Super Prep All-America • Ranked the No.

14 wide receiver in the country by Super Prep • Ranked the No.

After faking the ball to Houston, Sexton continued a full counterclockwise pirouette and ran to the right side of the field.

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