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The NEXX arrives in three different size configurations: Small Shell (XXS to S); Medium Shell (M to L); Big Shell (XL to XXL).

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Sizing for me (60 cm) was right on, giving a comfortable fit; donning the X.t1 requires clearing the ample cheek pads and neck roll.

It is snug going on, but once in place, fits very well with absolutely no side-to-side or front-to-back slack.

The system works very effectively in sealing the eye port, but the only problem is the release button is very close to the visor tab and is the same height, making it difficult to quickly locate and operate the release button, particularly with gloves on. The quick-release system to change the outer shield called X-Swift is easy to use with one built-in lever doing the trick—no tools required.

A removable breath guard in the chin bar is included.

After taking a look at the crown vent control, I found it stopped the buzzing if I made sure the vent shutter control was either clicked into a fully open or closed position, but not in between. Fully open, the combination of vents channels a generous flow of air into the helmet.

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