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She found Bernhard at the stadium who told her that my grandmother’s brother was Bernhard’s father and that Bernhard has a wife and 3 sons.Also, that my grandmother Anna had a sister, who has a daughter.

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I miss the countryside, the rolling hills and the wonderful network of secondary roads that are smoothly paved and well marked. Spazieren or wanderen through gently rolling hills, with glimpses of medieval ruins and a café or gaststube to stop for a drink or a meal.

Hike to Burg Elz if you ever have a chance to do so. Stopping at a Konditorei for coffee and cake - plum cake with whipped cream. I would like to go back for a year or two and see if I could still live there.

I joined and was able to find out the name of the ship my grandparents and father came over on in 1927, in addition to other interesting details provided on the ship’s manifest.

Then I learned about a two volume book, written in 2004, entitled “Ancestors in German Archives.

My next question to our archive leader was: Does my grandmother Anna still have living relatives in Germany?

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