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In the meeting, Wolfe said he cared for black students at MU but was "'not completely' aware of systemic racism, sexism, and patriarchy on campus," according to a statement by Concerned Student 1950.Butler said the demand for Wolfe’s removal from office was made because of the president's failure to respond sincerely and actively to student concerns about discrimination on campus.

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No protesters were arrested for disturbing the parade.“I joined in the line because white silence is compliance, like what they were yelling in the Student Center. It’s not my fight, but I support it,” MU undergraduate Breanne Lo Presti told a reporter.

Ten days after the Homecoming protest, the group issued the statement with eight demands, including enforcement of mandatory racial awareness and inclusion training for all faculty, staff and students; an increase in the percentage of black faculty and staff; and an increase in funding to hire mental health professionals for the MU Counseling Center, particularly those of color; and more staff for social justice centers on campus.

The vandalism, reported by the Residence Halls Association, was described as "an act of hate." The vandalism was reported immediately to the MU Police Department and an investigation initiated, but no one has been apprehended to date.

Members of the group said Wolfe did not agree to any of the demands they sent to him the previous week.

The night before, Head said he was walking around campus when the passenger of a pickup repeatedly shouted the “N-word” at him.

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