Common dating site scams

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Still, there is some general advice that you can keep in mind if you think you’re dealing with one. That means Googling their name, scouring the person’s social media pages for signs of life and, if you really want to be thorough, using a people search service to research them.

Essentially, you want enough information to know that the person you’re talking to is from where they claim to be, and that the basic facts of their life add up.

You might think it’s incredibly easy to tell a Siri apart from a Sally, but this technology has existed since the 1960s and has only improved since then.

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Catfish profiles are somewhat like bots in that they deceive, but they are operated by real humans.

Worst of all, because catfish can have any number of goals, like causing emotional stress or getting money/gifts from their victim, there is no typical example of a catfish. When talking to someone online, even if they don’t seem fake, you’ll want to do your homework.

” as well as asking the chatbot to spell things backwards, typing in semi-nonsense language like “I love asgeftd” or overusing pronouns.

Catfish is an Internet slang term referring to accounts filled with fictitious information designed to seduce individuals under false pretenses.

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