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It takes time to see if someone has what it takes to be a mate for life. But make no mistake about it, dating is serious business. Because everything rides on who you decide to date and marry.

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The singles I work with frequently come to me frustrated with, in their view, the Bible's lack of relevance and direction to the dating scene.

While the Bible doesn't give step-by-step or "how to" instructions, we can look at several stories from Scripture that shed light on our current relationship scene and provide timeless principles that still apply today.

I remember being so frustrated at one point in my life that I cried out to God to either make me a monk or zap that special someone into my life because I was tired of playing the dating game.

Through many dangers, toils and snares I finally "won" the game and married a wonderful GGL - gorgeous godly lady.

Candyland, Operation, Monopoly and Battleship were some of my favorites.

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