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We had an Empire in 4 continents, our language is almost top 5 in the World, our Empire in her largest extent is top 10 in World history. We experienced that in 1580-1640 period and didnt work that good, specially with the Silly Bastard Phillip IV of Spain, III of Portugal.I find it insulting to all other ethnic groups in Spain to refer to Castillian as Spanish. blablahblah I talk a lot like a fool blahblahblah..It would be unfair to other posters if they're unable to understand the verbal raping I give you.

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They emphasize the Lusitanians of the pre-Roman period. I do not think that the Portuguese identify themselves as Galicians but certainly not identify with the Lusitania of roma, in fact a huge area of Spain was also the Roman Lusitania, and all the north of the current portugal did not belong to the Roman Lusitania. JPG Lusitanian language was only spoken in this area. This is country isn't just mine, but the land where I am should be property of southerners. I am a Chicano badass if you do not like my English we can speak Spanish, you know speak Spanish?

Now, I never said a word about white country to you and not even about south Brazil. and the rest, whatever you want Chicano, we all know the average intelligence of Chicanos is lower than white men. Yes, I speak Castillian but this is an English speaking forum.

He is not a Galician, he was not born or lived in Galicia.

Esta clase de gente que habla como si fuera un espaol, habiendo nacido y criado en EEUU no merece ms que desprecio para m, intentando ser reconocido como algo que nunca ser y opinando sobre un pas en el que nunca vivir ni conoce.

Bueno, no es chicano y te basas en qu, porque el que sea de piel relativamente clara no quiere decir ni mucho menos que sea gallego, de esa manera t podras ser gallego tambin, o l un descendiente de un padre de las Islas Canarias y otro de un criollo de alguna colonia que viviendo en EEUU piense que es mucho ms chupi drselas de gallego y asumir una identidad porque alguno de los abuelos del criollo fuera gallego de verdad. You simply look foolish and lose credibility with others.

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