Discovering destiel discovering dating discovering delights

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But he isn’t sure he wants to live tethered to the ground, never to dance in the sky again.

Two stubborn Winchester brothers have faith that his future isn’t quite so grim, and that flight may be possible someday.

Upon arrival, he notices that unlike he expected, it’s not unoccupied, nor falling apart – instead, a stranger called Castiel has made it into his home.

A DCBB2017 fic)recced by flyingcatstiel Omega were Dean Winchester gave birth to a stillborn - his pup died in his belly in the accident barely three weeks before she was due to arrive.

it’s not fanfiction [on we assume you mean] and not ao3, so probably lj. Hi, hope someone will be able to remember this one.

Discovering destiel discovering dating discovering delights

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