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With Passions, Reilly was able to start with a blank slate and no pre-existing fan base to please.

In the early days of the show, Passions heroine Sheridan Crane is identified as a close friend of Diana, Princess of Wales; soon Sheridan recalls speaking to Diana on the phone immediately prior to the 1997 car accident which took the Princess' life.

Grace and Sam's marriage also came to end as well, as he had an affair with Ivy Crane and Grace falling in love with her supposed ex, David and leaving Harmony together.

Simone and Fox schemed during that summer to break up star-crossed lovers supercouple of Whitney and Chad and nearly succeeded.

Direc TV then picked up the series with new episodes airing on Direc TV-exclusive channel The 101 starting September 17, 2007.

However, Direc TV has decided to not renew its contract for the series with NBC, and NBC was unable to find a new home for the show.

During its NBC run, Passions ran for 60 minutes (including commercials, about 40 minutes without) every weekday (excluding some holidays).

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