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Forest City Men’s Group provides a needed connection for gay, bi, & gay-positive men within the London & southwestern Ontario area.The intent is to cultivate friendships & male camaraderie through its online site & various social events as well as importantly providing gay male presence within the city.

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There are 3 days of films, a Friday night reception, a Saturday night dance, & a Sunday brunch.

The London Lesbian Film festival is organized every year by the Reeling Spinsters... Roller derby is one of the world's fastest growing sports!

Dinners, coffee, Sunday brunches, walks, theatre, & other events are arranged by any of its members with an emphasis on respect & support for all.

Forest City Queerios is a social group for queer folk in London, Ontario. Our aim is to create a group that will help build the queer community in London by bringing people together for some awesome social events.

We also offer assistance through the Family Court Support Program, the Community Group Program for Children, the New Beginnings Loan Fund (through the United Way) & Public Education.

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