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‘Mixed race’ came second overall, followed by ‘Latin’, ‘Arab’, ‘Black’, ‘South Asian’ then ‘Asian’.

But if we are going to assign labels to what Nolan considered to be preferences, regardless of what determines a person’s sexuality (nature vs.

nurture), there is already a term in use for guys who prefer men to women — a word as objectionable for many as being called “racist.” And if there were a catchy term to describe blond-chasers, I would have coined it.

“Racist” is the operative word to describe someone who would exclude someone from housing, from jobs, from sex, from love, based on ethnicity. It alarmingly sounds the same as Joy Luck Club pseudo-asian-feminists that try to justify their self-loathing attraction to White men by telling others that it is just their FS asked everyone who completed the survey to rate different ethnic groups in terms of attractiveness.

‘White’ came out top with everyone except with Black and mixed race guys, who rated ‘mixed race’ first and ‘white’ second.

Examples range from men including stipulations such as 'no fats, no femmes, no Asians' in their bios, to some men sending non-white users messages that include slurs, inappropriate "jokes" and comments, and even threats.

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