Hiv sex partners chat sites

by  |  07-Oct-2017 21:34

If they’ve been infected with HIV, they deserve to know so that they can obtain treatment to prolong their life and avoid passing the virus to someone else. The health department will protect your information and will not disclose it to your employer. You can avoid an uncomfortable conversation or negative reactions from a partner by leaving the notification process to the health department.

Health department staff can help prepare you for this conversation or can talk with you and your partner together. You’ll have the satisfaction of having done the right thing. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for us to locate your partners.

Health department staff may be persistent in their efforts to get the names of your partners.

If you provide false information, phone numbers and addresses, you may also get a follow-up visit.

If the health department tells them one of their partners has an STD, won’t they know it’s me?

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