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The problem is that I can able to hear the person who I am talking with but he can’t hear me… The “microphone boosts” ( 1 or 2 ) are checked coorectly.. Earlier i had Sound Max Audio Drivers and all was fine, Now i have Realtek.. Hi, I am using a microphone for on Windows Mobile Emulator. Its hearing unit is working allright, but mice is not working.

However, the sound recording function works properly.. I have tried all the instructions given in this website to rectify the microphone but failed.

Hi, At first my microphone was working fine had no problems with it, however then it started going really crackily and my voice could not be heard now there is nothing happening when i record my voice i’ve tried it on many different programs and despite trying this also it still does not work. I can hear my friend while trying to chat, but h cannot hear me…suggestions as to what I can do to remedy t his. I solved this problem for myself, and this should work, at least in windows 7, just disable all audio recording devices except mic, including line-in and sterio mix then plug mic/headset into mic port and that should do it.

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Also, if you are still not happy with Microphone volume, click on advanced button, just below it. I think my Microphone Does Not Work With Yahoo Messenger. Moreover, I tried my microphone not only in YM but also in Skype but still same problem occur. I am using an imported microphone in my TOSHIBA laptop set.

This will open an Advanced Control for Microphone window as below. Please help on this issue, what seems the problem??? My problem is : When i connect the microphone to my computer, uncheck the “Mute” option beside “Microphone” in volume controls, no sound ( hissing or whatever ) comes from the speakers. Microphone is working correctly with Sound Recorder. It was working well, But all on a sudden while on vedio chat my microphone is defunged.

When I went in to teh area that has ‘Mic boost’ I had an option to select ‘alternate mic’ after I enabled that and disabled mic boost.

Also if you get a ton I feedback, reduce the volume, I’m at about a third and my dad is Israel can here me fine. microphone (which is guranteed working in every other notebook)but without success.

One of our readers submitted a problem: Fix: First of all, it is very important to connect microphone to the correct port on the computer.

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