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’ ” Stevenson, 47, whose TV career has taken him from ’70s teen idol on The Hardy Boys Mysteries to stud-muffin on Falcon Crest, Baywatch and Melrose Place to a recent role as an oceanographer in Avalon: Beyond the Abyss, a UPN sci-fi movie airing Nov. His divorce from Veronica’s Closet star Kirstie Alley, 48, his wife of 14 years, was resolved by May 1998, following more than a year of difficult negotiations over such issues as child support and custody.

Stevenson did not get the ,000 a month he initially demanded but settled for a share of the couple’s assets, which included their 21-bedroom mansion in Maine.

As a recently divorced father of two, Parker Stevenson has his priorities in order.

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“In any social situation, Kirstie lights up the room,” he says. As for Alley’s relationship with actor James Wilder, whom she met in 1997, “I would like Kirstie to be wonderfully happy,” says her ex, “because that’s good for the kids.” Still, he has regrets. You give your word before God to commit to this marriage,” he says.

“I just tend to be in the room.” The room was often filled with debate. “But if I get married again, it will be to someone who has the same dreams and aspirations as me.” He smiles.

“I hear she is still going strong and that is fantastic,” he enthused.

He also says Alley’s former co-star Jon Travolta deserves a little credit for her success.

I know it is uncomfortable to be photographed; I know what people are going through." Stevenson also likes working with people he knows.

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