Racism in interracial dating

by  |  09-Oct-2017 01:01

“They’d look at us and do this subtle head shake thing.It always felt like they were trying to say I was betraying my culture and religion by choosing to be with someone outside of it.” She knew that's what they were thinking because that’s how her extended family felt about him - and they'd give her the same disapproving looks.Right before going into the movie I was telling him about a family reunion we do every year, and I was like: “You’re going to come, right? Jordana: We did have a talk about the film that night.

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And when I’m interacting with his parents it’s very different than when I’m interacting with him.

I remember Matt told me about them one time and he was like, “My dad’s racist! When we walked out of that movie, he probably talked about it for a good two hours and he still has not stopped talking about it.

Matt: Meeting another person’s family is always sort of awkward and a little scary, but I think in our experience it’s a little more awkward and scary when you’re in an interracial relationship.

Teana: The movie deals a lot with having to act a certain way in front of white people — when I’m over at his house, I usually just stay in his room because I don’t know how I’m supposed to act.

Other friends tell me they don’t even bother telling their relatives about new partners if they’re not the same race.

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