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The surveys only came to an end in 1930, when all the ancient monuments in the country were considered to have been recorded.

Most of the monuments in the northern parts of Jutland were recorded during the final decades of the 19th century (fig. The surveys had two main aims: Firstly, to record all ancient monuments and sites still visible, as well as the locations of lost monuments still known to local communities; secondly, to locate the best preserved and most interesting monuments and persuade the landowners to protect these.

The district surveys were carried out by the National Museum, and each parish was visited by an antiquarian and an illustrator.

In order to do this, all the monuments recorded in the district surveys had to be revisited.

This took 20 years and resulted in a grand total of 23,774 monuments and sites across Denmark that were to be protected against future destruction.

The key issue in this legislation was that all visible monuments were now automatically protected by the law.

Whether a monument was visible or not was to be decided by the Danish National Museum.

But the first edition topographical maps, known as Høje Målebordsblade, also show mounds that are not included in the national database.

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